Reduce the investment to sell online

dg-Cart is the ecommerce for small and medium-sized companies that want to equip themselves with a professional platform without facing high initial investments.

The shared-risk system of dg-Cart allows everyone to accept the challenge that the market is now launching to small and large operators in most sectors: following their customers at every moment of their lives online.

dg-Cart, also has a consultative approach that does not just provide you with a software platform leaving you at the mercy of the market, but can also accompany your business throughout the development of its communication and its online and offline marketing.

Convenience, professionalism, support and much more

Activating a dg-Cart plan you will benefit from a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Convenience: the possibility of having your professional ecommerce platform paying based on how much you sell
  • Personalisation: a new site (including personalised email addresses) to replace, if you wish, the current one. All on a domain of your choice such as
  • Professionalism: the advantage of not having to use a graphic designer or programmer. Unlike do-it-yourself services available online, everything will be managed by our team, including customising graphics and uploading products for sale
  • Multichannel: the ability to sell on multiple platforms at the same time: with dg-Cart you will not have to close your potential accounts on other marketplaces (like Amazon, Deliveroo, Ebay, JustEat, etc.)
  • Support: a team always ready to support you if you have specific needs, such as: need to load additional products for sale, research for logistics and shipping, online marketing or advertising, graphics, textual content, SEO and SEM, management of social spaces
  • Data and statistics: periodic reports to check your sales and to understand how to increase them
  • Design: of course dg-Cart is also responsive. Your customers can order the products they prefer using any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Multi-sector: the possibility of entering the ecommerce market regardless of the sector in which you operate, from catering to b2b, from clothing to publishing, etc.

Adapt your business to the growth phase of online purchases

By 2021, over 2 billion people from the age of 14 will have completed at least one online purchase in the calendar year.
Their growth in the 2014-2021 range is estimated at around 90%.
This statistic includes purchases of any kind, from the order of a pizza to transactions for clothing, electronic gadgets or insurance services (source: Statista).

Don’t fall behind on online competitiveness

Most online sales take place on proprietary platforms: the website or app owned by the seller, and not on marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay or Deliveroo.

This means that entrepreneurs, large and small, are equipping themselves with technology and accepting the challenge of online competitiveness in order not to fall behind

Costs of a professional ecommerce

It is clear, in short, that acquiring an ecommerce platform appears increasingly as a necessity to remain competitive, whether you sell physical products or services.

But what is the biggest obstacle to entering the online market or to strengthening your position? The initial investment.

An ecommerce site for a small or medium-sized company, in fact, costs on average around 5,750 and 12,400 pounds during the first year, and spending at three years – including maintenance and updating – can exceed 17,000 pounds. All this, of course, falls on the entrepreneur’s shoulders with no guarantee of sales.

dg-Cart was created to circumvent this initial obstacle.