The ecommerce platform that goes beyond ecommerce

dg-Cart is an affordable ecommerce platform at shared-risk designed to be fully compatible with the online sales spaces you already use. You will get a real website reachable from the URL you choose, created in a short time for you or your company by professionals, while you pay in an easy, transparent and above all convenient way. Regardless of the sector in which you work, you will have a customised system with many additional services and complete consultative support, which will help your business grow.


Q: I already use online ordering and delivery services like JustEat, Deliveroo or others: why should I create a web space that allows me to receive orders online?

A: The dg-Cart solutions are fully compatible with the online ordering and delivery services that you may use or plan to use. The advantages of creating a custom dg-Cart site are many. Among these: 1) You will keep the data and contact details of your customers; 2) You will have the opportunity to increase and improve your visibility through a greater degree of customisation of layout, colours and contents; 3) You will have an additional sales channel, and therefore an additional source of turnover, compared to those made up of the services mentioned above; 4) It is possible to activate pages and customised news / blog sections that will help you talk about the history and values of your brand; 5) With dg-Cart it is possible to integrate web solutions with numerous additional graphic design, consulting and marketing services (online and offline)

Q: Is dg-Cart designed for a specific product sector (catering, clothing, services...)?

A: dg-Cart is an ecommerce service designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses, and there are no limits with respect to the sector in which they operate. Catering with home delivery; electronic and telephony; health, wellness, cosmetics; clothing and accessories; paper and digital publishing; crafts; wholesale and B2B activities; furniture, design and home living; cleaning materials; tourism (eg: hotels, agencies, b & b), retailers and generalist or specialised food laboratories; services: if you are an entrepreneur operating in one of these sectors, dg-Cart is the service for you

Q: What platform do the websites proposed by dg-Cart use?

A: WordPress CMS with the integration of professional responsive themes (optimised for any fixed or mobile device). The hosting used by dg-Cart specialises in automatic CMS updates and support for SSL certificates, with high-performance SSDs. Contact us if you have special requests regarding the CMS, or if you want a quote for the creation of a site developed on a proprietary platform

Q: Who collects the money from my customers’ orders? And how does the dg-Cart payment system work?

A: You collect the money from the orders of your customers, using the formula of payment on delivery or online payment in advance. Periodically, then, generally on a monthly basis, you will receive from dg-Cart the invoices including the fees on the orders you received and you can pay them by bank transfer

Q: Is payment for the activation of my dg-Cart site anticipated?

A: Yes, to activate dg-Cart 70 o dg-Cart 170 you will have to make an annual payment in advance. However, this money will be “deducted” from the monthly fee until reaching the annual turnover threshold indicated in the plan you have chosen

Q: Is it possible to obtain a web, communication, design or personalised marketing solution?

R: Certamente. Contattandoci avrai la possibilità di essere richiamato telefonicamente da un nostro addetto, a cui potrai spiegare tutte le tue esigenze

R: Certainly. Contacting us you will have the possibility to be called by one of our staff by phone, to whom you can explain all your needs

Q: I have already purchased the "dg-Cart 70" plan and I would like to upgrade to the "dg-Cart 170" plan. Can I do that?

A: You will be able to upgrade to higher-end packages by paying the difference in the activation cost, with the possible addition of costs related to additional services. If, for example, you are the holder of a “dg-Cart 70” plan (£840 on activation) and you want to go to the “dg-Cart 170” plan (£2040 on activation) you can do so by paying the £1200 difference.

Q: I have more than one premises or laboratories: can I get discounts on services or prices if I place multiple orders?

A: Absolutely. By contacting one of our employees through the form on the homepage, we can agree on favourable terms if you are interested in making multiple orders

Q: I have clients in different countries. Can I make my dg-Cart site multilingual?

A: Of course, we can create your space in all the languages you want, or provide your existing space with a multilingual interface.

Q: Is there an annual renewal? If so, how much do I pay to renew the dg-Cart service?

A: For paid plans, activation is annual. However, this money will be “deducted” from the monthly fee until reaching the annual turnover threshold indicated in the plan you have chosen

Q: What happens if I do not pay the invoices I receive?

A: The invoices we send you must be paid within 30 days, after which you will receive a payment notice. After a further 15 days, if you have not paid the balance, the service will be suspended and your space obscured. It will be possible to reactivate the space in the 3 months following the blackout through payment of the balance of arrears, with a surcharge of 100 pounds. Once the 3 months have elapsed, it will no longer be possible to reactivate the site and dg-Cart reserves the right to protect its interests through the actions, including legal ones, it deems necessary.